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Test Riding

Absolutely! We recommend it, but be warned: you will have a smile from ear to ear. If you're not in an area that has test rides, no sweat – shipping costs are low and you have five days to make a decision.

Test rides are typically done in 15 minute windows. Alternatively, feel free to walk in to one of our partner locations and take flight. Take your time and get to know the bike.

Click 'TEST RIDE' on our website to schedule a ride at our NYC showroom, authorized partner locations or our ambassador network across the country.

The Bike

Our pedal-assist system includes built-in sensor technology, that predicts how to make your ride easier. Whether it is from a complete stop, cruising on the open road or up a hill, it is always monitoring your movement to determine how to assist you. At any time, you adjust how much the motor aids you. Even if the battery is not on the bike, you can still ride it like any other bike.

The battery provides up to 60 miles of riding. Charging from empty to full takes around 4 hours. Charging a partially full battery takes less. The battery is quickly removable and secured with a key included with your bike. The battery can be charged while on or off the bike.

Wing electric bikes are designed with safety and security in mind. Bright lights are integrated into the front & rear of the frame & are controlled via the on-board display. A security alarm is also built into your bike. Included with your set of two keys, are two small remotes (clickers), similar to what you use to lock/unlock a car. Locking your bike outside? Secure the bike as you walk off. If someone tampers with your bike, first there is a warning sound. If they continue, the alarm persists in intensity. Rated at 110dB, it is loud! Another cool feature of the bike is an electronic horn that activates by simply pressing with your thumb.

Yes! All Wing Bikes and components are protected against the elements.

Ride in the rain and through puddles! Just don’t submerge the bike in deep water, it’s not meant to handle that. Like any bike, recommend storing the bike inside when not in use whenever possible, and to wipe down the the bike after a rainy ride to ensure your Wing Bike’s longevity.

Pedal assist is a unique experience that makes you feel like you're pedaling with superhuman legs! Pedaling will signal the motor to turn on and as soon as you stop pedaling (or you tap the brake), the motor deactivates. The motor is just about silent and is constantly sensing your activity to determine how to assist your ride. Via the on-board display, you select (1 through 5) how much you want the motor to assist.

A Wing bike will assist you up to around 24-25MPH while pedaling and 20MPH while just using the optional throttle. Wing Bikes are fully compliant with federal electric bike laws.

You can purchase a throttle separately from us if you'd like to have power on demand. The throttle allows you to press a lever with your thumb while riding that engages the motor and allows you to ride without pedaling. It's a simple plug and play installation.

Our batteries are all 36 volt and come in a variety of amp hour (ah) capacities. Regardless of the capacity, all of our batteries look identical and sit flush with the frame of the bike. Our previous model had batteries that protruded from the frame. We have an 8.8ah (317wh), 10.4ah (375wh), and 14ah (504wh). The amp hours of a battery are the "gas tank" and watt hours are Voltage x Amp Hours. All of our batteries have the same weight of ~5 lbs, and are the same size. 

How far can I go on a single charge?

We get this question a lot! 

Determining an e-bike's exact range is complicated and difficult to put a single number on. It’s important to keep in mind that riding range for all e-bikes depends on many factors including...

- Total payload (weight), rider + gear

- Average speed

- Pedal assist level

- Throttle usage

- Tire pressure

- Hill grade

- Wind

- Road conditions

- Riding position

- Outside temperature

- How much you pedal

- Tire type

- Age of the battery

So... how far can you go?

The range comes down to this: How much energy is required to move the bike at the speed you want to go? The mile ranges we list per battery size are the maximum our tester was able to achieve with. She road in optimal conditions, exclusively on level 1 assist, with no throttle usage. Depending on weight, amount of assist and throttle usage, range will be reduced.

Our motors are internally geared hub motors, which are lightweight and powerful. Our Freedom and Freedom S have a 350 watt nominal power rating, and a 550 watt peak rating. Our Freedom Fatty has a 500 watt nominal power rating, and a 750 watt peak rating. The Freedom 2, Freedom X and Freedom S have 50nm torque, and the Freedom Fatty has 80nm torque. 

Receiving Your Bike

With a few exceptions based on local regulations, we ship worldwide.

Your bike will come in our stylish box and is ready to ride shorty after unboxing. Simply remove the bike from the box and follow our assembly video (YouTube) and/or manual which can be found at the top of this page - trust us, you can do this!


If you still prefer someone else to do it, we can ship the bike to your nearest bike shop.

After Sales Service

Offering excellent service and support is our top priority. As daily riders, this is where we have seen many companies disappoint.

For general maintenance and repairs (flat tires, brake adjustments, etc.) we suggest going to your local bike shop.

A well maintained bike will ride smoother, last longer and look better.

Wing Bikes need the same basic maintenance as a regular bike, here's some tips we recommend. 

1) Pump up your tires weekly.

2) Clean and lubricate your chain when it looks dirty or sounds noisy, at least once a month.

3) Wipe the bike down with a damp cloth. Do not pressure wash as it can force water into bearings and electrical systems.

4) Periodically check bolts on handlebar, fenders and rack.

For all electronic components of your bike, please contact our customer support team and we'll straighten out any issues you may have.

Wing Bikes has guaranteed spare parts availability for all components of the bicycle through 2026. 

All Wing bikes and their components carry the following warranty with the original owner:

Frame - 1 year

Battery - 1 year or 800 complete cycles, whichever comes sooner. (our battery is rated to deliver 80% of initial capacity after 800 complete charge/discharge cycles)

Electronics - 1 year

Parts (excluding tires, tubes, brake pads, kickstands, pedals, cranks, forks, bottom brackets, seat clamps, cables & housing, and grips) - 1 year

The Wing Warranty is only valid in the United States

Please visit our warranty page  for more details

Extended warranties can be purchased at checkout but not after purchasing.

Like any traditional bike, standard maintenance will increase the longevity and performance. 

1. Seasonal tune ups on your bike are a great way to keep it in pristine shape!

2. Dirt, precipitation and grime from the road can cause brakes to squeak. Using a residue-free brake cleaner on the disc rotor will remove any lingering dirt or oils. This will ensure perfect, noiseless braking. 

3. Proper gear shifting will protect the bike's derailleur and chain and keep the shifting smooth. Be sure to always be pedaling but removing 90% of the pressure on the pedals during the shifting process. Never pedal backwards while shifting. 

4. Rain, grime, rock salt, and dirt can damage the chain over time, and cleaning your bike and chain will keep it safe and in working order. Using a moist rag and non-corrosive biodegradable cleaners is the most ideal way to clean your bike. Also using proper e-Bike chain lubes will also aid in preventing corrosion. 

5. Battery maintenance is also crucial in ensuring the longevity of your bike. You can extend the life and range of your battery by not frequently completely draining the battery completely.

If the batteries are being stored for long periods of time, it is best to keep the battery partial charged around 50-75%.

In addition, it is important to make sure that the silver ring on the battery and battery holster is tight. This will ensure a perfect connection between the battery and bike. 

You can unlock the speed limit on your bike via the on board display.

**Please make sure to follow the correct instructions for your bike model below

Freedom X:

To find the max speed setting you need to enter the second level of settings. To do this please do the following:

• Turn on your Freedom X.

• Hold the up and down buttons simultaneously to enter the first menu level.

• Hold the down and power button simultaneously to enter the 2nd menu level (screen will display P1 and ' _ _ _ _' ).

• Use up and down arrows to enter code 0512. Use power button to move to next number.

• Press power button until Speed Max is displayed.

• Use up and down arrows to change the value to 40 (this is 40kph - the max setting).

• Hold power button to exit settings.

Freedom(2) , S(2) & Fatty(2):

• Press and hold the up and down arrows

• Tap the middle button until you get to setting number 8

• Tap the up arrow until the bottom number reads 41. 

**Please do not adjust anything else. Doing so may void your warranty!

Long Term Battery Storage.

Your Wing Bike's battery needs minimal maintenance. However, if storing your bike for longer than 15 days, follow the instructions below to maintain the health and longevity of your battery.

• Keep the battery approximately 50-70% full

• Store the battery in a dry, climate controlled, indoor location between tween 50 °F – 77 °F (10 °C – 25°C).

• Check the battery every month, and if necessary, use the charger from Wing Bikes to charge the battery to 70% .

• Avoid keeping the battery fully depleted.

• Avoid keeping the battery fully charged for more than a couple weeks.

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