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I'm your Wing, man.

Built in

Striking by day. Safe at night.

Discover the bike

Built-in Lights

A powerful,
removable Battery
Small and lightweight
Leave it on the bike or bring it with you
Same Panasonic cells as Tesla | 5 pounds | 15.5 x 3.6 x 3.4 IN
Options: 317wh (35 miles) | 375wh (45 miles) | 504wh (60 miles)
Plugs into a wall outlet, like charging a laptop.
Charger included. Charge time 4 hours.

Charge your battery on
or off the bike.
The battery is quickly
removable & key secured.
An ear-bending alarm.
First a warning sound,
then it means business.

Speed, distance, battery level,
light activation, loud horn.
You control the ride!
Weight: approx. 40 pounds
Light and airy.
Exceptional handling
Wing is Lightweight, which mean delightful handling and a breeze to carry.

A sleek, shock absorbant saddle, Aluminum Alloy 6061 and smooth welding mean you ride comfortably while looking good.
Attractive yet comfortable

Kenda¬ģ tires provide control and shock absorption on any terrain. Fenders keep you dry.
Tires, Fenders and Disc Brakes

Shimano shifting and 7-speed gearing keep you riding efficiently.
Quality Components

Bright lights. An ear-piercing alarm. Loud digital horn. Disc brakes to stop quickly. Fenders to keep you dry.
City-proofed from head to toe

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