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I'm your Wing, man.

Built in

Striking by day. Safe at night.

Discover the bike

Built-in Lights

A powerful,
removable Battery
Small and lightweight
Leave it on the bike or bring it with you
Same Panasonic cells as Tesla | 5 pounds | 15.5 x 3.6 x 3.4 IN
Options: 317wh (35 miles) | 375wh (45 miles) | 504wh (60 miles)
Plugs into a wall outlet, like charging a laptop.
Charger included. Charge time 4 hours.

Charge your battery on
or off the bike.
The battery is quickly
removable & key secured.
An ear-bending alarm.
First a warning sound,
then it means business.

Speed, distance, battery level,
light activation, loud horn.
You control the ride!
Light and airy.
Exceptional handling
Wing is Lightweight, which mean delightful handling and a breeze to carry.

A sleek, shock absorbant saddle, Aluminum Alloy 6061 and smooth welding mean you ride comfortably while looking good.
Attractive yet comfortable

Kenda¬ģ tires provide control and shock absorption on any terrain. Fenders keep you dry.
Tires, Fenders and Disc Brakes

Shimano shifting and 7-speed gearing keep you riding efficiently.
Quality Components

Bright lights. An ear-piercing alarm. Loud digital horn. Disc brakes to stop quickly. Fenders to keep you dry.
City-proofed from head to toe

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